You can also book these flights below online (good connections from the north and Scotland). There are now 15 discount flights a day from the UK to our corner of South West France.



- Stansted / Pau fly Every day 1hr 20mins transfer time.
- Stansted / Lourdes new flight starts 02 Januaury 2011. closest to us here at Les Sorbiers 45 mins transfer time.
- Stansted / Biarritz fly Every day 2hrs 30 mins transfer time.

Charter Flights:


Tagney Tours based in London have been running charter flights from the UK to Lourdes for 25 years. They are offering free transport for you bike in 2009. Flights depart Stanstead every Friday and most Mondays at 11:00 and arrive in Lourdes at 15:00. The cost is €105 or £95 each way. 25kg baggage allowance.

Tel: 00 44 1732886666

British Airways

- Gatwick - Toulouse fly everyday less than you would expect, regularly beat Easyjet on price.


- Gatwick / Toulouse flys everyday
- Bristol / Toulouse flys everyday

Fly every day 2hrs 30 mins transfer time.

Mancunia Travel/Pyrenees Direct

-Manchester to Lourdes.-Fridays and Mondays. (Charter flight) Mancunia Travel
Tel:0161 790 6838

Air France

New routes from AirFrance, to include Birmingham to Pau not super cheap but inclusive of 23kgs of baggage allowance also bikes if they come in under the 23kgs. Another way of finding your way to us here in the Pyrenees.

Other flights- Heathrow - Toulouse. Air France. Twice daily. -

-Leeds Bradford to Toulouse summer only Daily about 2 and a half hours transfer.