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Meteo France

For the weather forcast

OCD CycloClimbing


Club for cyclists who enjoy mountain routes

Padded Shorts, The softer approach to cycle training in London.

Cycle commuting to work, doing the shopping by bike, or seeing the sights of the city and getting fit into the bargain?


Reliable mountain weather forecasts, snow reports, webcams and many more useful resources

The Secret Spot Surf Lodge

Thinking about a week on the beach, want to learn how to Surf, before or after you have been to Bareges and had some time in the Mountains a great place to stay.

Tour De France

Official website for the Tour De France

World Wildlife Images

High Quality Images
Over 3,000 species of birds. 1,000s of images of:
Reptiles & Amphibians.
Insects & other Invertebrates.
Habitats & Wild Places - Worldwide

Smart Coaching

J E James Cycles

Justin Carter rally and enduro racer

La Grand Raid Tour VTT