Your holiday base of Bareges is a Napoleonic spa village nestled amidst dramatic mountain scenery and situated 37kms south of Lourdes in the French Pyrenees. Lying on the fringe of the Parc National des Pyrenees, in an area of great natural beauty, Bareges offers the perfect base for exploring. 

Discover Bareges, a land for excellent holidays in the high French Pyrenees. Where a walker's, birders and cyclists paradise is waiting to be found. From the glory and majesty of the high peaks to the forested slopes of the sheltered valleys, the Pyrenees really have it all. Stretching from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean they are dotted with forts and castles of the Cathars the legacy of the history of this much disputed region. 

The Pyrenees provide some of the most famous trekking in the world. Despite this, you can walk for miles and see few or no people, especially out of the high season period. Graded upwards from gentle middle mountain circuits to the famous sea-to-sea Pyrenean Haute Route, the treks available here will offer ever changing scenery, dramatic views and the sheer pleasure of making your way from place to place under your own steam. 

The mountainous terrain varies from the gently undulating plain of the Tarbais foothills to uncompromising mountains of the Tour De France and the road network reflects these differences offering rides of all styles. Located in the Pays Toy this area is an unspoilt region of the Hautes Pyrenees and many traditional methods of farming and tourism mean that this area is not that busy even in the height of summer the Pyrenean chain through south west France along the Spanish border the Pyrenees stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Mediterranean Sea in the east. In between are snow-topped peaks and lush valleys packed with history and culture, where the Tour de France and the famed mountain ascents of Tourmalet and the Aspin take place here during July, in this picturesque area of south west France.

Here you will discover a landscape of high peaks, rushing streams and azure mountain lakes. Wherever you wander you will find wildlife that will astound with the most exuberant flora in Europe, eagles and vultures spiralling majestically in mountain thermals, the shy Isard, the playful Marmot, and an astonishing variety of butterflies.

You will find Bareges both friendly and inexpensive; a pretty Pyrenean village nestled amongst dramatic mountain scenery. The village dates back to the 14th century when the spa waters were first discovered, it was during the 18th and 19th centuries that Bareges was to play its role in the golden era of spa resorts in France. Napoleon sent his wounded troops to Bareges to benefit from their remarkable curative properties, today the spa baths specialize in relaxation rather gunshot wounds! We thoroughly recommend the Thermal Baths where you can pamper yourselves with Jacuzzis, saunas, thermal baths, a pool and massages after a day's skiing or walking. The thermal baths are still a popular destination, visited by "curistes" in spring and autumn, which sees holiday-makers return year after year.

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