Bird Watching

The birdlife here in the Pyrenees is very specialised. The area excels in the number and variety of raptors- Lammergeier(the only pair nesting locally in the midi-pyrenees), Golden Eagle (found on the mountain-side opposite Les Sorbiers nested locally too we watched them hunt for marmottes), Booted Eagle, Bonellis Eagle, Short-Toed Eagle, Egyptian Vulture, and the ever-present Griffon.

The bird most enthusiasts on a full aweeks guided tour will want to see is the elusive Wallcreeper which during the summer is seldom found below 2000m. Our closest site is a short drive about two hours walk from the one of the local villages'. We regularly observe the birds throughout the year and in 2017 as low as 1000m we now have 3 sites where these can be seen from the road. The bird otherwise can only be found high on the frontier ridge at over 2500m. Our guided holidays have a day at our most reliable site. Other species found locally of interest to British birdwatchers are Eagle Owl, Alpine Accentor, Snow Finch, Citril Finch, Capercaillie, Rock Thrush, Firecrest and we have a number of Black Woodpeckers nesting around the village.

The extensive bird lists at Les Sorbiers are an invaluable aid to finding where particular species can be found and can be used with our own route guide to the local footpath network.

Most importantly we explain ourselves what you can expect to find and where you can find it. Our pyrenees birding holidays can be found at the bottom of the page. Our English speaking local guide has a wealth of knowledge and observes the birds year round. Our birding weeks are very popular and we have limitations on dates. We may also have space for self-guided breaks please email for further details of dates and prices. Group discounts apply for groups of 10 and over also on self-guided holidays only.

Our guided holidays from 2007 - 2019 September and October produced over 100 different species each week in the tours around our area. We have year round knowledge of various different birding sites all within close range of our hotel.

See the Pyrenees come alive. Exclusive guided birdwatching and nature holidays led by renowned experts, based at Les Sorbiers, in the village of Bareges at the heart of the French Pyrenees. We are ideally situated for discovering all of regions speciality birds, flora and fauna. In and around the small mountain village of Bareges breed Crag Martin, Black Woodpecker, Citril Finch, Wallcreeper, Rock Bunting, Crested Tit, Capercaillie and regularly overhead the majestic Lammergeier and Golden Eagles drift past. Gentians can be found in close proximity to us, the Spring, Yellow and the Pyrenees native of our valley along with several varieties of narcissi, just to name a few, there are hundreds more just waiting to be discovered....

Near the village is one of the most reliable sites in the Pyrenees for Alpine Accentor and Snow Finch. We also find Alpine and Red-Billed Chough, Rock Thrush and numerous raptors. In this area no less than 150 species of butterfly have been recorded, this is an indicator on the environment in the Pyrenees and how un-polluted the area is.

We consider the main target birds for birders visiting the Pyrenees are the Wallcreeper, Lammergeier, Citril Finch, Black Woodpecker, Snow Finch and the Alpine Accentor. Regular sites for these are covered within the birding/nature program but together we will encounter many other speciality birds in a variety of habitats. The birding trip in September 2017 recorded 102 species, testiment to the benefits of 'local' knowledge.